Peter is one of my favorite New Testament people!  There is just something so real about him!  He’s certainly flawed, and, he is also impulsive, passionate, outspoken, and confused.  He actually walked with Jesus and still didn’t ‘get it’ most of the time – gives us hope, doesn’t it???

And yet, Jesus gave him the keys….

One of my favorite ‘Peter Moments’ was at the washing of the feet.  When Jesus came to wash Peter’s feet, Peter said no.  That is certainly understandable, I would feel the same way.  Jesus said that he may not understand what this is about now, but that it would become clear later.  Peter still said no.  And then Jesus said, “Unless I wash you, you have no part with me.”   It was then that Peter said, “Then, Lord, not just my feet but my hands and my head as well!”   Bathe me in you!

It’s not easy to let Jesus wash our feet.  I resist this every day.  I feel so unworthy, and I am, but it’s not a matter of being worthy or not.  It’s a matter of love, and unless we allow Jesus to love us as he desires to, we will never have the intimacy that we are invited to.  It’s a difficult concept for us.

God’s justice, God’s mercy, and God’s love are beyond our ability to comprehend.  We live in a world of earning and deserving, of rewards and punishments, of black and white.  God lives in a world filled with color. 

I want my feet washed today, I need my feet washed today…and not only my feet, Lord, wash all of me so that I may be part of you.