This morning we begin our religious education program with about 150 first through third graders.  Am I getting too old for this???

I can see it now, those little faces, the smiles, some tears perhaps, all arriving with excitement and some trepidation.  Some will recognize their teacher and know exactly what to do and where to go, some will wander and begin to fear that they don’t have a place.  Some will settle down, some will fidget and fidget!  Some will have to go to the bathroom and then others will follow (the domino effect).  Last year, one little second grader informed us that he had the mind of a twelve year old and didn’t need to be there!

And so it begins…..

I love to watch, to simply observe…there is much to see, there is much to learn, there is much to be thankful for!

And then it is over and I come home at about noon – change clothes, kick my shoes off, sit for a bit….and then

Energy Required – the seventh graders come this evening!!!