Are you a police-person?  They are all around us.  People watching to make sure we ‘follow the rules’.  We have a particular family in our church who are super-police-people!  When they show up, everyone gets a little nervous.  They watch, they critique, they notice everything….and, if the littlest ‘rule’ isn’t followed – we hear about it (and so does the Bishop).  It makes me wonder why they come.  I don’t want to judge, or be a police-person, but are they getting anything out of it if all they do is take mental notes?

I suppose that there is something to be learned from everything and so I will try to turn my grumblings into a self-reflective question.  Who (or whom) do I police?  Do I ever watch something or someone with the sole purpose of finding something wrong?  Sometimes I do!  Especially if it is a person who I’m not particularly fond of to begin with!   So, what to do, what to do…..

Celebrate the Grace!  I like that phrase (just came to me) – celebrate the Grace!  It’s there, you know, it’s always there, sometimes buried, sometimes bruised, but it’s there.  So, instead of being the police – looking for the ‘wrong’, I will try to be the ‘detective’ and search for the Grace….