Today we begin our religious education classes.  Another year…..where did the summer go?  Today our church will be filled with hundreds of children, younger ones this morning, older ones this evening.  Some come with smiles and excitement, others look like they are being dragged in.  Some don’t want to leave at the end of the program, some count the minutes.  And we will be there, watching, watching, watching.

I wonder what God thinks as these children file into church.  Does he smile when the first one has to ‘go to the bathroom’ and then the domino factor kicks in?  Does he raise his eyebrows when they begin to drift off, thinking about that soccer game this afternoon or the dance class tomorrow?  Does he read their doodles?  Does he listen in on their whispers?

We work so hard at putting together a program that is new and creative, a program that tries to reach kids where they are, a program that takes a look at their culture through Christian eyes.  It’s not my favorite thing to watch Saturday morning TV, but it’s necessary so that I can watch what they watch and see who’s trying to sell them what. 

And so, another year begins, and I can’t help thinking that God is pleased with our efforts.  I can feel it….it’s as though he says, “Bring them to me and I will do the rest” 

Pray for us and pray for the children.  I am blessed….