Feeding the Monster

It doesn’t get any simpler than this: If you feed the monster, it will grow!

How many times do we see people give in to someone, even when they don’t want to, because it’s easier to give in than to stand up and face a confrontation?  We’ve all done it ourselves.  “Ok, just this once…”  becomes our mantra, and then before we know it, we are drowning in frustration because ‘just this once’ became the norm.

Let’s face it, people can sometimes push as much as they are allowed to.  The old adage, ‘give them a finger and they’ll take an arm’ has some truth to it, don’t you think?  And yet, it’s just so much easier to swim with the current than to be the salmon swimming upstream.  But….each time we ‘go with the flow’, we feed the monster and the monster grows.  And, the larger the monster – the bigger the fight!

I’m currently watching a situation close to home where a monster is being fed ‘filet mignon’ and I’m interested to see how it will play out…..happy to be the observer on this one!

But, as we know, there are monsters on the outside and monsters on the inside.  What monsters do I feed?  Do I feed my fears?  Do I feed my insecurities?  Do I feed the ‘control’ monster?  How about the revenge monster?  There are many monsters inside of me that are hungry…..

Which monster is begging me for food today? 

The start of a new day…the start of a new week…my prayer:  Lord, help me to starve my monsters today!

5 thoughts on “Feeding the Monster

  1. You’re always so inspiring, Andie. Bringing awareness to which monsters we feed and how we feed them is life-changing. I will be conscious of not feeding the worry monster, or the ungrateful monster today! 🙂

  2. Anxious thoughts are my monsters…..the only way I can starve them is by the Word….and prayer. Hey, just thought of another one that gets really big when you feed it…procrastination. That is another heavy hitter with me.


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