To love means loving the unlovable.

To forgive means pardoning the unpardonable.

Faith means believing the unbelievable.

Hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless.
Gilbert K. Chesterton

Don’t you sometimes get weary of trying?  Loving, forgiving, having faith and hope?  Sometimes it seems too much, too much effort – too high a cost to ourselves.  Sometimes I simply want to wallow in self-pity!

Don’t ask me to love someone who causes me such pain.  I can’t ever forgive what you have done.  It’s difficult to have faith when I ask for answers and I get silence.  I can’t find that spark of hope in my darkened world….

When is all seems impossible to me, it frequently is.  I can’t do it.  It is then when I stop running, running in circles.  It is then when I sit in silence.  It is then when I am paralyzed with fear.  It is then when I surrender.

And, it is then when I am finally quiet enough to hear that gentle voice.  It comes from the deepest part of myself.  It is a voice that doesn’t always use words.  It is a voice that echos its presence.  A presence that loves me, forgives me, has faith in me and hopes in me.  And once again, I have the strength to continue on my journey.

It is only then when I believe that we can truly ‘do the impossible’.