In some ways it is still unbelievable.  Ten years ago we were attacked and thousands of innocent lives were lost.  Watching the news feeds of those towers coming down still sends chills through our bodies.  It’s been ten years and yet it feels as though it were yesterday.  I’m sure that we can all remember with great detail where we were when we heard this most devastating news.

No matter where you live in this Country or the world, time stood still that day as we watched the horror of this most tragic event.  We were all effected, we suffer together, we grieve together, we remember together.

I’ve been to Ground Zero, there is something in the air there, something you feel as you look at the site.  It’s not neutral, it’s not just empty space, it’s alive…alive with memories, alive with feelings.

Some of us were no closer than our TV’s, some knew people in the area, some lost a friend or acquaintance, some lost a loved one.  We mourn in layers.

And now, we are once again on high alert.  We are threatened once again. 

Ten years ago, I simply lived on the New York border.  Now I have a daughter who lives in New York City. 

Let us pray…pray for those effected ten years ago…..pray for those effected today.