The many layers of 9/11

5 thoughts on “The many layers of 9/11”

  1. A beautifully composed and gentle reflection on this tragedy we remember so well. I was in Brooklyn, NY on that day… (where I’m from.) I will keep all those affected by 9/11 in my prayers, thanks for this reminder, tragedies affect us all in different ways.

  2. A terrible tragedy and one just like all the tragedies around the world – Libya, Syria, the starvation in East Africa… I wonder if we have really learnt anything at all over the past decade?

  3. It is still unbelievable . . . the memories of watching the horrific tragedy unfold on TV are forever etched in my mind, and I live far, far away from New York. May God’s arms of love enfold those affected by the horrors of that day. Thank you for reminding us to remember.

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