When it comes to organized religion, we have some choices to make.  So often when asked, we answer:  I’m Catholic, Lutheran, etc.  Have those ‘titles’ become simply a label or are they the framework with which I live my life?  In other words, do I truly accept and embrace the teachings of my church?  Do I really even know what they are?  I’m not passing judgment here, but I do think that it may be time to ‘get off the fence’.

After some reflection, you may decide to ‘knock that fence down’.  Perhaps you can’t accept the teachings of your church.  Maybe it was your parent’s faith or you have been staying out of fear or guilt.  You might want to ‘knock that fence down’ only to rebuild it yourself, so it is truly yours.  A word of advice:  If you do walk away, be sure that you know what you are walking away from.

Or, your thoughts may lead you to ‘build that fence up’.  You may be at a point in your life where you crave the structure and stability of organized religion.  Perhaps you see where you can make a difference from the inside.  A word of advice:  If you choose to build that fence, please be sure to include many gates for entry.  Tall ones and short ones, wide ones and narrow ones.  Gates of every size and color, and each one with a welcome sign in large letters.  Gates that open from both sides.

There comes a time when we stand alone, take a good look at our faith, and make it our own.  Only then can we have a real relationship with God.  Only then can we grow closer.  Only then can we accept the invitation to be truly one with the Divine.