Fences: Get off one..Knock one down..Build one

6 thoughts on “Fences: Get off one..Knock one down..Build one”

  1. I’m so thankful for my church. . . in fact, I’m still attending the small, country church I grew up in . . . a place where God and His people have touched my life in so many ways. As much as I cherish it, I know that just being a member will not guarantee a relationship with Christ; it’s not my religion but my relationship with God that will ensure eternal life for me. But my Christian walk has been greatly enriched by my heritage, our sacraments, Biblical teaching, prayer and fellowship of Friendship, which happens to be the name of our church!

  2. What a gift you have Glenda! it sounds like a wonderful church where you are truly ‘one body’, enriched as you say. I love what you say about your relationship with Christ.

  3. Oh such wise words here, Andie. I abandoned my childhood religion a long time ago — but really, it didn’t matter, because I wasn’t a believer in my heart anyway (I guess I shouldn’t say it didn’t matter…but I was disenchanted with church and God, so I wasn’t going anywhere fast with any church, I suspect). When I met my husband, I started sporadically attending Lutheran services with him. That denomination seemed like a better fit…but I still doubted that I believed in God. It took many years and a very patient God to come to where I am right now — and thankfully, I found a wonderful church, supportive pastors and an enriching, serving faith community. It’s nothing short of a miracle, really.

  4. I have struggled with the thought of were i belonged in the church – having callings and ideas that don’t always match where I am. Certainly it was easier to give up on church for a while as I sorted out my feelings about God – but then I ended up coming back to my childhood faith because it was ‘home’ and although not perfect, like a family, I feel that I have the space and the ‘right’ to challenge what I feel uncomfortable with. Of course I get challenged right back for not fitting in – but I think I would be the awkward one anywhere! It isn’t always easy but I don’t thnk it’s meant to be.

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