What the world needs now…..

A popular song from the mid-sixties…’what the world needs now is love sweet love’ – remember?  And, there was certainly lots of ‘love’ going around during the sixties!  We certainly all still need ‘love’, but people use that word as a very wide umbrella and sometimes it’s definition can be hazy.

How about ‘what the world needs now is kindness’.  That is certainly what many of you have expressed towards me, and it has touched my heart.  Yes, I’ve been busy, but I’ve also been a bit ‘dry’ in my thoughts, inspirations, reflections, whatever it is I do here on this blog.  But, I’ve come to realize that it’s not always just about the words.  We have developed relationships – 2011-type-technological-virtual- relationships, and although we can’t sit and share a cup of coffee, we have all gotten to know each other and have become part of each other’s lives.

That becomes real to me when I read your very kind comments.  Thanks for those!  I feel guilty when I get behind in reading your posts (oh, that wonderful Christian guilt) and then the cycle begins….

So, today I wipe my ‘google reader’ clean of the hundreds of unread posts, and I begin again….

Thanks for your patience, your comments and thoughts, and your concern.  Perhaps it’s not the ‘words’ that are so important, it’s the bonds that have formed.

The freshness of fall is just weeks away and  the crisp autumn air brings a feeling of renewal.  Here we go again…..

5 thoughts on “What the world needs now…..

  1. No worries…we all get behind in this blogging world at times! 🙂
    Love how you describe autumn air… I had the same idea. Feels like a new beginning.
    -pours some virtual tea for you-

  2. me too Andie… it’s been such a hot and busy summer that I have posted but not visited that much. I’m so glad to catch up with you today!


  3. Andie, yes oh yes, our world could definitely use some more kindness. The reality TV era doesn’t seem to breed that, does it? A bit of kindness goes a long long way, especially when you are having a bad day. Lori

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