Yikes! It’s been busy!

Federal jury duty yesterday…..son going off to college (second year) today…programs at work need to be prepared, volunteers to recruit….

Blogging?  Seems like a wonderful and distant memory!!!

Spiritual life?  How does ‘God on the Run’ sound?  Lots of talking to God, need to do more listening…

Good thing God is who he is, I would have given up on me long ago!

Miss you all – be back soon!!!!!  Time to take a breath!


5 thoughts on “Yikes! It’s been busy!

  1. Hi Andie,

    Long time no hear from! I can totally relate to your being busy. For almost 2 months I didn’t post anything on my blogs: my photo blog or my devotional writing blog. I recently started a new job that is keeping me very very busy. But it is a true blessing. I’m back to blogging again. And it feels so good! Hope to visit you again soon.


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