Two little letters – one BIG word

IT – a silly little word.  Most times we use ‘it’ to describe an inanimate object.  Sometimes it is used when one doesn’t want something to either masculine or feminine.  I’ve even seen it used for God!  It connotes a rather distant cold feeling, don’t you think?

In prayer the other day I was feeling quite exasperated, overwhelmed is a better word.  The problems were hitting me from all sides and they were draining my energy.  I was losing the fight and the words ‘Give Up’ came to mind.

Give up – throw my arms up in despair, give up the fight – leave me be in my weakness, my misery, even my pity.  I’m done – nothing left.  I Give Up.  I’m a defeated lump on the floor.

And then that word popped into my head –

Give up?  How about Give IT Up?

What a difference!!!  Give it up – there is no defeat in that!  There is a recognition that I am not alone, that there is someone who loves me, who wants to take on my fears.  There is someone who shares a ‘yoke’ with me.  There is someone who takes my hand so that the ‘waves’ of despair don’t swallow me up.  There is someone who invites me to walk on the water.

Give up ………………………………….or……………………………Give IT up?

They are not the same!

5 thoughts on “Two little letters – one BIG word

  1. Yes, that little word does make all the difference doesn’t it? That means there is someone to give “it” to! There is hope in that 🙂 Lori

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