It’s exhausting being God

I just don’t know how He does it!  When I take a turn at being God, I’m exhausted.  It’s not easy trying to control everything, keeping someone from hurting, making decisions for others, worrying about a loved one, fearing a bad outcome, etc., etc.  Being in control of everything!  Yikes!  I’m spent – emotionally, physically, spiritually!

Hold on…..message from above…..

Oh, I have the job description all wrong?

Job Title:  God  Child of God

Department:  Earth with possible advancement to Heaven

Reports to:  God

Purpose of Job:  To love

Level of Authority:  Top level position.  Responsible for all others in the world

Work Environment:  The Planet Earth

Job Functions:

  1. Recognize that you are a Divine Child of God (your Supervisor), live like that, act like that.
  2. Treat others with all the love, kindness and understanding that you have.  If you need help – ask your supervisor
  3. Maintain constant communication with your supervisor.
  4. Be at peace with your current position and do not try to take on the job of your Supervisor.

Qualifications:  You must be a living, breathing resident of this planet.

Today I begin the first day at my new job….pray for me!!!



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