Are you a bowl or a sieve?

Much of my day is spent speaking about God.  It’s what I do, it’s a large part of my job.  I speak to children, to teens and to adults.  I speak to individuals and I speak to groups.

And, once in a while, I hear my words and think, ‘I really need to listen to this!’  I don’t mean to imply that I tell others what to do and then go off and do whatever I want to, that’s not it.  It’s more like, I spend a lot of time and energy speaking of God’s unconditional love and forgiveness and then at the end of the day, I ‘beat myself up’ for my slip-ups.

The same applies to my reading.  I will find a real gem and think, ‘Oh, I need this for this talk, or for this project, or this person,’  – how about, ‘Oh, I need this for me!’

And so that leads me to the question….am I a bowl or a sieve?  Do I let the wisdom pass through me or take up residence there?  How different would it be if I filled my bowl and then overflowed onto and into my work?

Today I will reflect on that question…..and then take a good long look at my ‘bowl’ to make sure that it is empty enough to receive…..hmmmm….another topic for another day!

5 thoughts on “Are you a bowl or a sieve?

  1. A lovely reflection, Andie. I liked the idea of being a sieve when I first read your question. But an overflowing bowl… Not bad either.

    What a blessing it must be to be able to talk about Godde all day to all those you meet.


  2. Andie – This is a great reflection and one I can really relate to on several levels big time. Walking the talk is not easy especially when you give it your all and that is why we need time out.
    Unfortunately work schedules don’t allow anywhere near enough for that these days. I really admire the fact that you do this blog and keep up with everything else you do.

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