Three Strikes You’re Out

I remember reading in one of Yancey’s books a talk he gave about alcoholism.  He said something like, ‘first it is a stranger, then a guest, and then it becomes your master.’  Brilliant!

This can certainly apply to many, many things – some obvious, some a bit more subtle, but I think that it is worth some thought and reflection.

An addiction, sure, but what about a nasty little habit?  Where did it begin?  How did it begin?  What stage is it in now, still a stranger, perhaps a guest, has it become your master?

Maybe we can turn it around and apply it to our relationship with God….now ask yourself what stage is it in?  A stranger?  A guest?  A loving Master who calls us friends…..

6 thoughts on “Three Strikes You’re Out

  1. Very interesting questions!
    I’m thinking now about the things that have become my master/that distract me from my purpose. Good journaling prompt idea.

    (P.S. I really like wordpress now)

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