Baby Steps

I look at my outside….if only my nose were smaller, I could lose ten pounds, my eyes were bigger, my lips fuller…….

I look at my inside….if only I could trust more and fear less, I could grow in my faith, I could let things go a bit easier……

Each day I begin with my resolutions.  Today I will try to…..

Each evening I reflect and acknowledge that, once again, I slipped….

Why can’t I change that behavior, break that habit, become the person I want to be?

Perhaps we try too hard, perhaps we try to leap when we should be taking baby steps.  One small step, one kind word or one ‘biting of the tongue’ may be enough, I see a baby step, God sees me soar.

If we open ourselves to these baby steps, then I believe that God will take over.  We welcome him in, we ask for his help, and he enters as our invited guest.  We can’t do it alone, sometimes it is enough to simply ask for ‘help’.  As we wobble and fall while learning to walk, run and finally dance, let God take our hands as we begin with our baby steps.

One baby step today, this is what I pray for.

6 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. This post really speaks to me today as if I had written it myself… I realize now how hard I’ve been trying to be perfect. But the most important thing is our heart’s intention…our true desire to be as God wants us to be and to love him. Not our definition of perfection.

    P.S. I have a new wordpress blog (if you click my name you’ll find it) 🙂 I’m not going to use the other one anymore, but will still keep it up for old posts.

    Blessings to you, Andie! 🙂

  2. Andie, your post reminds me of the beautiful song sung by Amy Grant, Better than a Hallelujah…..check it out if you have never heard it! Dovetails perfectly with your post. Lori

  3. I look at my outside…

    I stand on the scales … I really need to lose weight.

    So I make a resolution which I know I can stick to … forever!

    I’ll stop standing on the weight scales.

    God bless, Andie.

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