Rich, over at The Contemplative Catholic Convert blog, is the author of Lessons Along the Journey.  I’ve just finished reading it and would recommend it to all who traverse this journey of life (that would be everyone!).

My favorite books are those with a healthy mix of theology and real-life and this is what Richard does so well in his short stories.  Finding God in the everyday and celebrating the lessons learned are constantly a challenge, especially in situations as serious as a robbery and as mundane as finding a dirty penny.

Each little meditation begins with some words of wisdom and ends with a relevant  Scripture quote, the in-between are the words that reflect a deep, life-long relationship with God.  For example, in “Robbed Twice”  Rich describes how his family was robbed while moving cross country.  Thinking that they ‘were doing a fair job of forgetting,’ the family moved on.  A couple of months later Rich saw a CD in a store and remembered that he once had that one but it was stolen in the robbery.  Memories returned – this is what he said, “The men robbed you once.  Why let them rob you twice?”

It’s tempting to sit and read all the meditations at once because they describe situations (and solutions) that are familiar to us all, but I would recommend taking them bite-by-bite.  There is much wisdom contained in the pages.

Thanks Rich – can’t wait to get started on We Believe:  Forty Meditations on the Nicene Creed…