How do you prepare a homily for the funeral of an eight year old girl?  What can you possibly say that could bring even an ounce of comfort to a family with hearts broken into a million pieces?  There are no words….and yet, words need to be found and spoken, because people are waiting for the homily, waiting for the words….

These were some of the words, thoughts and reflections that were spoken last week at this child’s funeral.  I hope that they were heard by many because they are great wisdom, wisdom for us all.  I believe that these words were inspired, straight from God, to be heard by all of his children.

My rephrasing…

I would suggest that each of you take some time alone, either today, tomorrow or in the near future.  Some time alone to be with yourself and with God.  And in that time, ‘let God have it’.  Let him have it all….he can take it.  Tell him exactly what you are feeling, scream, cry, yell, be angry, whatever you have, give it all to him.  And when you bear your soul like that, when you empty yourself, when you give it all to him, then he can begin the healing.

He doesn’t impose himself on you, he waits patiently for you to come to him and give it all up.  If it takes a day then the healing will come soon.  If it takes you a lifetime to give it all to him, then it may take a lifetime for you to be healed.

I encourage you to begin, take the time to be alone with God, take the time to bear yourself, don’t hold back, give him whatever you have, whatever you’re feeling, and then let him take it and begin to heal you.

Give whatever you’ve got to God….he can take it….he’s lived it….