All attack is a call for help. When you know this, you begin at once to look deeply into the question of what kind of help is being called for.
Neale Donald Walsch
Tomorrow’s God
Imagine what our lives, our world would look like if we really took this to heart.  Our first instinct (when attacked) would not be to strike back or become defensive.  This calls us to look deeper.
It’s so difficult to ‘get ourselves out of the way,’ our egos always react first.  Sometimes it is a good idea to step aside and try to look objectively, to try and be an observer of others behavior even when it is directed at us.  This takes practice and patience.  But, when we are able to realize that much of someone’s behavior is more a reflection of them and not us, it gives us great insights.
We may never totally understand the motivations behind what people say and do, but usually their words and actions are based on who they are inside and all of their life experiences.  These are not only hidden from us, but often from themselves as well.
Trying to keep this in mind invites us to be more understanding, more compassionate, better listeners…..and, it can save us from much hurt and anguish.
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