Part of my daily prayer is to slowly read a Psalm (or part of one) and a segment of one of the Gospels, lectio divina style.  When I get to the end, I simply begin again.  Between my distractions and God’s revelation in layers, I always glean something new each reading, a word or phrase that stands out, a new insight, a life application.  Even though I have read the same passages for years, I am constantly amazed at the ‘freshness’ of the words.

Yesterday I was reading Luke 6: 6-11 – the healing of the man with the withered hand (on the sabbath).  Totally aware that he was being watched, Jesus healed the man’s hand.  But, what jumped out at me this time was that Jesus did not heal it in secret because of the sabbath.  He did not go to the man quietly or pull him to a corner.  No, Jesus said to the man, “Get up and stand here in front.”

Was he flaunting his divinity?  No, that isn’t who he is.  He simply had something to do, something to teach, and no fear because he was acting out of love.  He taught them then, he teaches us now, that love can break rules.  Love should break rules.

When I think of some of the things that go on today, actions and deeds that are done and disguised under rules and doctrine, I think of this passage.  ‘Get up and stand here in front.’  Our loving deeds and our loving words should be ‘up front’.   The consequences may not be wonderful, just look at Jesus…but it is the right thing to do.  Love breaks rules.

Three things remain…and the greatest of these is love.