This past week we were so blessed to be the host church for our annual ecumenical Vacation Bible School (VBS).  Our grounds were filled with 200+ kids running around, singing, praying, making crafts, etc.  The energy was off the charts.  It is such an ‘up’ week – one that many of us so look forward to each year.  They come – they take over – and they leave, and a few hours after it is over, you never know that they were here.  The group of adults that are in charge teach and live the Christian life and are simply ‘the best of the best!’

Yesterday morning they filled the church for their final assembly.  Each grade level performed a song or a skit and it was wonderful.  Smiles, laughter, song – such joy – pure joy.

The church will have a different tone this morning as we celebrate the funeral mass of little Maggie, an eight year old child.  Oh, it will be filled, but the sounds of laughter will be replaced by the sounds of grief.  The smiles will be replaced by tears.  The children won’t be singing and dancing, they will be clinging to their parents and asking questions that have no earthly answers.

Our God who was so present yesterday will be present today as well.  Our God who was praised and glorified yesterday will probably be screamed at and questioned today.  But, he will be there…he always is, and there will be bright spots, and there will be little miracles, and there will be his breath upon all of us.

‘A time to laugh and a time to weep….a time to dance and a time to mourn’

The dichotomies of life…..


A note to my blogging friends:  I apologize because I am behind in reading and responding to your wonderful and inspiring posts…hope to catch up really soon!