Questions that don’t have answers

God’s Will.  We spend a lot of time thinking about, trying to figure out and ‘chalking-things-up’ to God’s Will.  What is God’s will for me, for my life?  How much energy do I spend trying to determine what exactly I am supposed to be doing?  How many times is ‘God’s Will’ the curt answer to things that happen, both near and far?

Sometimes, when I can’t explain something or when I’m trying to get over something that has happened, I just say, ‘it must be God’s Will,’  what does that mean exactly?

But, there are times when ‘God’s Will’ just doesn’t cut it.  It isn’t the easy answer to many of life’s questions.

A beautiful family lost a sweet seven year old girl in a freak accident in their own driveway.  Is that God’s Will?  Would you ever dare to say that to the grieving family?  I wouldn’t.  Why, why, why?  Questions that don’t have answers.  There are so many that belong on that list.  I’m sure that we all have our own questions…..

Our ever-knowing God, our loving God, the God who has every hair on our head counted, the God that promises to be with us till the end of time is present – is here with us.  But this God of ours is sometimes hidden and sometimes silent.  This God of ours doesn’t fit in the boxes that we have created for him.  This God of ours can’t be explained or totally known.  This God of ours has ‘thoughts that are not our thoughts, and ways that are not our ways.’

And yet, the questions begs….’Do you trust me?’  Somehow we must work through the junk, find peace in the unanswerable questions, take comfort in the unknown…..

Somehow we have to answer that question….

‘Do you trust me?’


7 thoughts on “Questions that don’t have answers

  1. So true, Andie. I think the “why?” question is like a snake chasing its own tail. It gets nowhere. We all have a basic premise in love. Mine is that God is love: unconditional benevolence. That means God wants none of us to suffer. When life smacks me in the face, I try not ask why but just try to be what I think God is, in the midst of it. That’s the best I can offer to these perennial questions. Have a good day, and thanks for the post!

  2. Andie, I cannot imagine telling the family of the little girl that her death was Godde’s will. On the other hand, I do believe that Godde holds in her arms every single person in that family and cries with each one. She does know how it feels to lose a child…

  3. Somehow we have to answer that question….

    ‘Do you trust me?’

    If we’re really honest, with ourselves at least, then the answer is “No”.

    There are times, like the one you describe, when our trust wavers. We doubt. We question. We even wonder about His very existance. Very few can honestly claim they’ve not been through such times.

    And He knows. He understands. He created us and knows it’s in our human nature to have such doubts and at times lack of trust.

    Peter doubted. Thomas too. And the disciples on the way to Emmaus. And no doubts many others too.

    And He knows … and understands … and forgives.

    Praying for that child and entire family.

    God bless.

  4. Yes, I so agree with this post. There are so many things we blanket with that statement, and yet how could something like this be God’s will? We live in a fallen world and terrible things do happen. While He could have stepped in and prevented it, He didn’t. And in those times we trust while our hearts ache…..Thankfully He has promised to be with us every step of the way, He is so faithful….I will lift this family up. Lori

  5. No matter how much we protest and stamp our feet in anger or despair … at the end of the day; it is His will, and His will be done.

    We may not understand it. We may not want to accept it even, in our hurt, anguish and confusion. We may even rebel against it. But it does not change His will.

    He understands. He cares. And He forgives.

    He even in His human state shared our very emotions and feelings when on the Cross He felt he’d been abandonned.

    Yet, His Divine state knew better.

    Difficult as it may be for us; we too need to know better, to trust, and to pray. Our Faith may well be shaken by terrible events; but pray it is never lost for ever.

    God bless.

  6. I can’t understand these situations in life of random loss either.
    It is so hard and there are no easy answers at all.
    Just being with someone and listening; no words necessary may be enough for them to unburden themselves and that is all we can do.
    My heart is with you Andie.

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