Whatever happened to the ‘lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer?’  I’ve been busy at work.  The kids are worth it, however, worth all the time and energy it takes to bring them to God.  We are currently working with a graphic designer to create a book for the kids to use at Mass.

Religious Education needs to be changed- it’s not working.  The once-a-week, drop off at the curb, is not working and so we are changing what we do at our church.  The changes that we have implemented have not been popular with a lot of our parents.  Last year when we began, we held parent meetings to explain the changes.  We lost about 200 children from our program because the parents were angry.  Their reactions reinforced our beliefs about the ‘traditional’ rel. ed. curriculum.

We’re still working, but we’ve come a long way…..more about it soon.  Our children are not the future church, they are the church right now and we’re losing them.  It’s not limited to the Catholic Church, my Christian friends who work in their churches have the same concerns.  It’s across the board.

Bear with me…..more soon!!!