Did you ever have one of those tunes stuck in your head?

Oh, there’s this line from a song that is just playing over and over in my head.  I am ‘hearing’ it constantly.  It’s a song I like, but I like the entire song, not just the one line that is playing over and over.

Do you suppose that God hears our prayers that way?  Jesus tells us, ‘ask and you shall receive….’ and he tells us about a pesky woman who just won’t leave a judge alone.  She finally gets what she wants and Jesus tells us that our Father, who loves us, will give us far more than that corrupt judge did.

What if our prayers are to God what those melodies are to our earrs?  What if our prayers go straight to God’s heart and keep playing over and over?  I think that may be exactly what happens.  And, just like the tune that we love to hum, God loves our prayers.

Tonight I think that I will sing God one of my songs!

4 thoughts on “Did you ever have one of those tunes stuck in your head?

  1. Wonderful comparison!
    Sometimes I feel like God might be bored with the same prayers I pray. I will remember this, thanks. 🙂 🙂

  2. That’s part of the beauty of music … What other art form has the power to do this, to linger so prominently in our minds throughout the day?

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