My toe is hurting….

3 thoughts on “My toe is hurting….”

  1. Great post.
    While I believe we should have a general love all people (even if it seems impossible at times because of pain), I do think that we can guard our hearts and protect ourselves from difficult people without being completely hardened to them.
    I guess I believe in small doses with some who can really bring us down, and that close friendships can be reserved for those we find compatible.
    It’s a very tricky subject matter though because there’s a fine line between keeping a healthy distance and being arrogant/thinking we’re better than others. I will pray about this.

  2. I totally agree, Jade! Boundaries are huge and so important. I guess that when we let difficult people manipulate us, hurt us, etc. it’s like one part of the body taking control over the other parts. I just meant, by this post, that we should recognize that others are a part of Christ’s Body as well, but remember, God did put distance between the parts of the body – the head is far away from the toes, etc. Sometimes we must do the same, I think. Thanks for the comments and for helping me see this more clearly.

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