How do we get over things?  Things that hurt us, anger us, annoy us, things that knock us off our pedestal of peace.  Sometimes we are advised to look beyond them.  To not keep them in the forefront of our vision and our focus and to look further out.  This advice is helpful but it doesn’t remove that huge obstacle that sits in front of your line of vision, and sometimes, our necks ache from sticking them out while we are looking beyond.  Looking beyond doesn’t change what is in front of us, the very source of the reason that we are trying to look beyond.  It still looms and we have to do the shifting.

So, what do we do?  Perhaps we should try to look through.  Looking through those words or actions may take a bit of effort, but it is well worth it, I believe.  When we begin to look through, we are forced to look deep.  Often times this leads us to see beneath the surface of the word or action, to the underlying motivation.  When we look deeply we may discover a fear or a hurt or an anger in the other.  We begin to dive into the muddy waters and the deeper we go, the cleared it may become.  Sometimes we even see ourselves in the reflection.

It is then, that we are able to look through.  The obstacle may still be before our eyes, but it no longer hinders our vision.  We can see through it to the path ahead.  We no longer have to strain ourselves to look around it.

It is by looking through that we can truly look beyond.