At the end of the day….

6 thoughts on “At the end of the day….”

  1. I try to end each day with quiet time, usually spent reading, often with a cup of tea. It’s a way to unwind and on some level, process the day. It’s necessary for me, and having this downtime actually enriches my days.

  2. Thank you for suggesting a really good way of looking at my day.
    I do make a daily review a bit similar to the questions you are suggesting. One question I particularly like is “Where did I find Godde today?”
    I also like to jot down those parts where I felt threatened, triggered, old buttons that had been pushed.
    I will see how I can include your questions as well. Thank you again!

  3. Andie, one of my favorite parts of the day is at night when I turn lights out. I thank God for the day, talk things over about what went well and what I want to do better at tomorrow 🙂 Sometimes I fall asleep, and I hope He doesn’t mind….Lori

  4. Like Joanne, I also try to end my day with at least 30 minutes of quiet reading in bed, then a prayer before I fall asleep.

    I have always struggled with asking God for anything; I am so thankful for all that He gives to me everyday that it almost seems greedy to ask for more.

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