For so many of us Memorial Day is a day of picnics, get-togethers with family and friends, and celebrations – celebrating that summer is finally in sight.

And for so many others….Memorial Day is a day to remember someone close who gave their life serving our Country.  In some homes there may be no celebration, no picnic, no laughter.  Whether a loved one was lost long ago or just recently, the memories, the sorrow and the pain may still be quite raw.

It is our responsibility as citizens of this Country, this free Country, to remember those who died fighting for this freedom.  Each one of us should take the time today to remember…..

Thank you God for the men and women who have served and given the ultimate, their life, for us.

Some volunteered, some were drafted, but they all served with courage and bravery and they should be remembered in a special way today.

Watch over us and let us always remember that we live in One Nation, Under God….with liberty and justice for all.

Let us also remember their families who still grieve, who miss them dearly, who pray for them…..we remember…..