How to get rid of that weight on your shoulders:

Step One:  Recognize that you are walking a little hunched over lately and your back is beginning to ache

Step Two:  Notice this world of a problem (burden, worry, concern, etc.) sitting smack on your shoulders

Step Three:  Try to manipulate it yourself.  Talk to it,  try to change it,  try to lift it off or your shoulders.

Step Four:  Realize that Step Three doesn’t work

Step Five:  Remember that there is someone who can lift that burden

Step Six:  Give God permission to enter into this situation.  Invite Him in.

Step Seven:  Give it to God, let God take over

Step Eight:  Repeat Step Seven

Step Nine:  Repeat Step Seven

Step Ten:  Repeat Step Seven (it takes me a while to actually do Step Seven so it must be repeated several times)

Step Eleven:  Feel the ‘weight of the world’ lifted off your shoulders

Step Twelve:  Stand up straight once again

Step Thirteen:  Say ‘Thanks’

Step Fourteen:  Repeat Steps One through Thirteen…when you begin to walk hunched over again.

10 thoughts on “How to get rid of that weight on your shoulders:

  1. Hi Andie,

    Yes, we are to give all of our burdens to God so we can stand up straight. Thanks for this post and for stopping by my blogs lately.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

    P.S. How do I get my pictures to show up next to my posts in wordpress?


  2. Of course this is perfect. Giving our burdens to God takes courage – because for the control-freaks among us (hanging my head…) it is very difficult to allow someone – anyone – to take over anything in our lives. I struggle with step 7 all the time. And yet when I get past the struggle and allow God into my heart and soul and allow Him to take the burden that He clearly wants to take from me – I feel free.

  3. If only we can just trust and rely on God. If only we can just let go and let God. I pray daily for this grace upon my life. This is great.

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