Step One:  Recognize that you are walking a little hunched over lately and your back is beginning to ache

Step Two:  Notice this world of a problem (burden, worry, concern, etc.) sitting smack on your shoulders

Step Three:  Try to manipulate it yourself.  Talk to it,  try to change it,  try to lift it off or your shoulders.

Step Four:  Realize that Step Three doesn’t work

Step Five:  Remember that there is someone who can lift that burden

Step Six:  Give God permission to enter into this situation.  Invite Him in.

Step Seven:  Give it to God, let God take over

Step Eight:  Repeat Step Seven

Step Nine:  Repeat Step Seven

Step Ten:  Repeat Step Seven (it takes me a while to actually do Step Seven so it must be repeated several times)

Step Eleven:  Feel the ‘weight of the world’ lifted off your shoulders

Step Twelve:  Stand up straight once again

Step Thirteen:  Say ‘Thanks’

Step Fourteen:  Repeat Steps One through Thirteen…when you begin to walk hunched over again.