To Be or Not To Be

A follow-up:

Thanks Shakespeare for that famous phrase…each day we are faced with decisions and many of them involve saying something or keeping silent.  Do I speak when I know I’m right or do I stay silent to keep the peace? Do I share my opinion or do I quietly absorb other’s?  Do I speak about something I believe in or do I hold those beliefs inside?  Do I shout from the rooftops or do I whisper behind closed doors?  Do I tell the world or do I let the world tell me?

Today I decided to stay silent and observe.  I watched as a co-worker carried on as usual, as she went out of her way to be kind, engaging and welcoming.  I enjoyed the person that I have known for many years.

So, what triggered the events of my last post?  A bad day?  A throw-back to her past?  A comment misinterpreted?  Words taken the wrong way?

We don’t know….probably never will.  Is it important?  Not really…..

We remember…the days when we’ve been on the attact, the days when we were hurting, the days when we felt alone, the days when the clouds hid the sun.  We remember and because of our own experiences we can understand, empathize and console each other.

Incarnations……now it becomes clear.

8 thoughts on “To Be or Not To Be

  1. I like the way you put it all into perspective by remembering the difficult days we may have had ourselves, and so understanding that these things may come and go. I’m glad you and your co-worker had a better day today.

  2. Maybe your coworker was able to reflect on some of the things you said and saw things a bit differently. Glad that today was better. Thanks for sharing.

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