I was absolutely bindsided yesterday by a conversation with a co-worker, acutally someone on my staff.  She said some things that were completely untrue about another member of my staff.  I listened because I value her opinion and I know that her feelings are real, but they are wrong.  I don’t mean to sound unkind or closed, but she was way off base with her comments about her co-worker.

I felt her pain because I care for her so deeply.  I tried to ask her for specific examples to support what she was saying but she refused to give any.  As I thought about the conversation later, I became a little angry because she didn’t ‘play fair’, and yet I care enough to keep trying to sort things out.

I want to ‘hear’ her, I want to make things better, I want peace but I don’t know how to accomplish it.  At the end she said that she just wanted to ‘move on’ and seemed fine after the conversation, but how can you move on when you want something to change and I don’t know what it is or how to change it.

I don’t mean to sound so cryptic, it’s really not about the details of the event, it’s more about feeling someone else’s pain and not knowing what to do about it, because cause of the pain seems to be an illusion.

I have prayed for her and will continue to do so.  I will pray for the person that she felt wounded by.  I will lift all of this up to God because I don’t have a clue…but….I do know that I am not looking forward to this day.

I have a feeling that she may come in today and act as though this bomb never exploded and then I will have to decide whether to address it or let it go.  This is a tough one…..