Well, the doomsday date has come and gone, yet again.  We’re all still here, and as the light dawns on a new day, nature is still and yet the world continues with war, poverty and hunger.  Today is the Sabbath, the day set apart.  A day to remember our God with prayers of gratitude and intention, a day for us to rest, a day to connect with family and friends.

I’m sorry for the angst that these doomsday predictions have caused many, especially children.  But we must remember and teach them that only God knows what the future will bring.  There is some wisdom to be gleaned, however, as is the case with most things….if given the time to reflect.  What if yesterday really was your last day on earth?  What if today is?  How would you choose to live your final hours?

I remember a writing assignment in sixth grade.  We were asked, ‘if tomorrow you were to lose your eyesight, what would you want to look at today?’  Some people wrote that they would travel and see sites that they had read about, some said that they would read a book, one person wrote that they would sit with their loved ones and just look at them all day long.

Maybe there is some value in remembering that one day it will be our last.  After all, it is part of the ‘Rule of St. Benedict’ – “Keep death daily before your eyes”.  This is not meant to be heavy, sad or depressing, after all, we are Christians and our death is part of our journey, our becoming that butterfly who can now fly.  Perhaps it will make a difference in the way that we live, treat others, love others.  Perhaps it will make us stop and enjoy life, laugh a bit more, cry a bit more.  Perhaps it will increase our awareness and take us out of ourselves a bit more, help us to forgive and let go a bit easier.  Perhaps it will help us to say ‘thank you’ more often, to God, to others, even to ourselves.

Another day, another gift, another chance.  Let us use it wisely, make good choices, listen to one another, and love…..love simply, love totally, love with joy.