It’s OK to be real…

9 thoughts on “It’s OK to be real…”

  1. Oh, I agree with you. The Psalms are the first place I go when I need comfort or need wisdom from the Word. Real words, real life, that is what we want to hear. Somehow it makes us feel better to hear what others are going through…Thank you Andie

  2. What a great choice to read and reflect upon. It is always humbling to think about Mary and how young she was. Yet how strong she was.

  3. If an Angel suddenly appeared to me I’d probably fall off my chair with fright !!!

    If I was standing at the time, I’d sit down then fall off my chair.

    Thank you Mary for saying “Yes” to Our Lord.

    God bless.

  4. Something about the visitation from the angel must have been terrifying, because Susan is right, they almost always say, “Do not be afraid.” I think if I were visited by an angel I would just assume it wasn’t the real deal — it would have to be a pretty convincing angel to overcome my skepticism!

  5. Hi Andie,
    I love the Psalms for the same reasons you do… the words are straight from the heart and I often find myself in them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I think I can somewhat understand why Mary was troubled by the words of the Angel.

    blessed are you among women

    Powerful words from anyone, let alone an Angel of God. Must have been very hard for her to accept those words about herself.

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