Mixed Emotions

I often wonder what was deep within Mary’s heart when she heard Simeon’s words, ‘…and you yourself shall be pierced with a sword..’  Things had not been easy for her thus far.  Saying that eternal ‘yes’ did not lead to a cushy life.  We all know the circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus.  And now, on this glorious day when Mary brings Jesus to the Temple, the prophet tells her this.

From there the little family returns to Nazareth and the next thing we read (Luke’s Gospel) is the Finding in the Temple.  Jesus’ response to his Mother was, ‘Why did you search for me?  Did you not know that I had to be in my Father’s House?’  I wonder how Mary felt with that response, perhaps her heart whispered to her, ‘and it begins….’

I know that Mary is the perfect example of obedience, humility, trust and love.  She couldn’t have lived through what she did without complete faith in the Father, but she was a Mother.  She watched the child that she gave birth to rise and fall (and rise again).

I wonder what her prayer was.  In the stillness of the night, when it was only her and God, what did she say?  What did she pray for, what did she ask for?  What was she feeling?

Mixed emotions…I can’t believe she didn’t have some.  But, in the end…her words echoed her Son’s…..’Your will be done’

8 thoughts on “Mixed Emotions

  1. Ah, Andie, in more rebellious days, I have imagined Mary slamming door and telling Joseph and Jesus a piece of her mind.
    I also saw a beautiful play in Puerto Rico about three Biblical women, the last one being Mary talking with Godde at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion and asking Godde, Did you really have to do this? In the end she understands.
    Finally, have you ever seen Max Ernst’s painting of Mary spanking baby Jesus? To this day, this has a way of infuriating many museum’s visitors…
    I expect Mary had mixed emotions, a roller coaster of emotions sometimes even. If indeed Jesus was both human and divine and experienced all that we do feel, then his mother must have experienced all of it as well.
    I just hope that her original ‘yes’ ensured her all the grace in the world to help her go through what was awaiting her.
    Finally, I came across a lovely prayer that says “Mary, Divine Mother, have mercy on us.”

    Thank you for this post, Andie.

  2. Andie, this was one of my favorite scenes in Jesus of Nazareth directed by Franco Zefferelli. It came out in 1977 and the casing was superb….the expression on Mary’s face as Simeon says this perfectly captured the pathos and sorrow she must have felt. I have thought about that scene many times since. Lori

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