In a conversation with my spiritual director a couple of weeks ago, I told her that I was struggling with something.  I shared that there was a little habit that I wanted to give up.  I told her that I didn’t want to do it anymore.  She looked at me and said, ‘then don’t!’

Wow, that was direct and that was simple.  I wanted to reply that it’s not that easy, and go on and on, but she stopped me in my tracks.  We usually have lengthy discussions about those sorts of things but this was different.  She basically said that if I wanted to stop something then I should just stop it.

Have I been able to break that habit?  Not quite yet, but her words stay with me.  It’s not going to be that easy, habits form over time and sometimes it’s quite a process to break the behavior, but I appreciate her words.  Maybe we do sometimes over-analyze,  over-justify, and over-coddle.  Perhaps sometimes we can ‘just stop’.