What do you speak for?

One of my favorite Dr. Seuss books is ‘The Lorax’.  The Lorax is a little creature with a mission…he wants to save a particular tree which is being cut down and exploited.  My favorite quote is:  “I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees.”  People didn’t listen (they rarely do when there is money to be made), but that didn’t stop him.  He stood on a tree trunk and pleaded his cause over and over again.  Every tree was eventually cut down, but one seed was saved and, well, you can guess the end of the story.

What do we speak for?  How passionately do we speak?  Do we give up when things seem hopeless?  Do we speak out against the crowd, the current climate, the strong?  Do we speak until our voices grow tired, until our throats ache?  Do we stay and fight or throw up our hands and retreet?  Do we recognize the seed, do we hold onto that seed, do we plant the seed?

These are some questions that come to mind…..  Can I have the courage, the persistance, the fortitude and the passion of the Lorax?  Can I plant just one seed?

8 thoughts on “What do you speak for?

  1. What a great question, Andie! At first, I wondered and got scared that I was wondering. Could it be that I don’t know? But in fact I do. So thank you for clarifying this for me early today.

    1. Oh Claire, your passion is evident and beautiful. Your voice is (and should be) heard – sometimes as a whisper, sometimes as a shout.

  2. St Francis, also a lover of trees, has that great advice – ‘preach the Gospel, if necessary use words.’
    A friend of mine who works with the homeless says he never mentions that he is a Christian – if they don’t know – he’s doing it wrong… he says.
    But sometimes words are all we have.

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