I love it when I find a great book…..I hate it when it ends.  I have about five more pages to read but I don’t want to read them because then I will be finished with the book.  The book?  “Ascent to Love, the Spiritual Teaching of St. John of the Cross” by Ruth Burrows.

It took me a long time to get this book, had to get it used and most places that had it were charging over $100.oo.  I finally found someone who was selling it for twenty-something.  I was thrilled.  I’ve been a fan of Ruth Burrows since I read “The Essence of Prayer,”  another wonderful book and much easier to get!

“Ascent to Love” contains such gems of wisdom.  Each page is filled.  I wanted to pick something to share here but it is so difficult to pick just one, so I just randomly opened to a page (you know, the way that we are not supposed to read the Bible..), and here is what I found.

“Such a willingness to forget the ego, to lose sight of it, calls for firm faith in God’s love.  Each of us is utterly important to God; we can afford to relax a bit and let him look after our little selves.  We tend to think that unless we take care of ‘number one; nobody will.  Faith tells us there is one who never takes his eyes off us, so much so that not a hair of our head is lost.

An obsession with self-importance enslaves us to human respect…..”

I have a feeling that I will post more on this book as I begin to read it again!  It’s one that you read with the eyes, understand with the head, and absorb in the heart.