The Thorn In My Side

11 thoughts on “The Thorn In My Side”

  1. Very wise. Perhaps complete happiness without any obstacles is not possible until we reach heaven. Maybe feeling bad (i.e. experiencing the thorn) is a reminder of our need for God.

  2. I think you are right on Jade…and yet, we still long for that happiness and sometimes blame God even though Jesus told us that it wouldn’t be easy to follow in his footsteps.

  3. It’s good that the thorn remains a mystery — what wise insight there, Andie. Thanks for this! Saw your earlier post about being out of the loop for a while…me too, and so glad to be back here today!

  4. Good post for me to think about as I’ve been ignoring this major thorn in my side. It starts off easy to ignore, but then it starts to hurt. Thanks, Andie.

  5. Andie: I always wanted to know what “the thorn” was, but reading your post made me glad I don’t. You are right, we all have them and ours always seems the most painful! Great insight here….Lori

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