Oh, if were only that simple…

6 thoughts on “Oh, if were only that simple…”

  1. So good to have you back here, Andie!
    I am glad you are putting this book down. I like the way you look at Godde, maybe because it is very much the way I look at Her as well…
    For a while now my deepest prayer has been to be open to the presence of Godde — in all things — each day. Maybe I need to place little pieces of paper around my home and in the garden so that whatever I do becomes a sacrament…
    I read somewhere that Godde’s will is my deepest desire… Now I have to find out what this is 🙂
    Blessings, Andie.

    1. Yes Claire, we definately share the same thoughts about Godde. My dear friend, the Trappist Monk, always says the same thing about Godde’s will as our deepest desire. Kind of makes us one with Godde, doesn’t it? And, it says a lot about our deepest desires, our true selves.

  2. God doesn’t “wish” bad things on us even if we really do make mistakes (and I hardly think moving a trip a week off is a mistake). God is pure love and only wants the best for us. Obviously there are times when we reap what we sow because there are consequences to actions – whether good consequences or bad. Either way He brings good out of everything – even what we consider the bad stuff.

    A month ago I thought my car was sounding a bit funny and I had to make a twenty minute drive to a nearby city. I said, “Lord, my car sounds funny. If it’s not safe to drive that far please let me know.” So I drove my car around the block to test it and do you know where it broke down? Right in front of my house 🙂 Another time I got a flat tire 100 yards from a service station! God is good 🙂

    I do think God is trying to “wake up” our souls lately though and that we live in unusual times. But all will be well if we trust Him.

  3. OH! I so agree. The God I read about in my Bible is quite different from the way the author of the book you cite describes Him. It’s no wonder people live in fear and superstition. Someone once said, “When in doubt, read the directions.” Another way of saying it, “When in doubt, read the Bible.”

  4. I have a profound dislike of How to Books and also anything that smacks of determinism.

    But I’m open to hindsight as most of the my life I’ve been too headstrong and stupid to discern what God might be saying to me.

    I’ve got more time to listen to what God might be saying these days or maybe because I’m getting older I’M MORE WILLING.

    But I do like the idea of synchronicity which I think is a more subtle and nuanced way that God may use with us often with a dose of humour.

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