I haven’t posted for a bit, things have been very busy at work, with my family, in my head, etc., and….what I’ve missed most is the wisdom and insights contained in the blogs that I am blessed to read…..

I’m back…..

Someone gave me a book for Christmas and I picked it up the other day.  One of the things that I have decided is that it is time to go back and read some of my favorites over again.  And, I’m starting to do that, but there are so many wonderful authors out there, and this book was a gift, so I decided to take a look…..so many books, so little time…

Anyway, this book is about God working in this man’s life and it begins with a story (going from memory here) about how once a month this man goes somewhere with his family.  Instead of going on his ‘usual’ weekend, he waited a week and went then.  Well, all sorts of bad things happened, the car broke down, got stuck in a ditch, I think someone got hurt, etc., etc., and the man concluded that God had obviously wanted him to go the weekend before (his ‘usual’ weekend) and this is how God communicated that to him.

I put the book down…well, at first I questioned myself, ‘do I not get it?’  But then, on further reflection, I decided that if indeed I didn’t ‘get it’, then I need to go back to the basics.

I’m sorry….I just don’t thing that God works that way, communicates that way, or, in this particular situation, really cared that much which weekend this man went on his trip, whatever it was.  To think that God would make your car break down or make you get hurt because you chose a different weekend to travel on is too much for me.

It’s not that I don’t think that God communicates to us…in his oh so beautiful ‘whispers to the heart’,  I just don’t think that it’s that simple.  ‘Direct cause and effect’ doesn’t seem to be his style.  I think that he works with our decisions, good or bad, always with the intention of bringing us to him.  I can’t predict God, I can’t understand God, I can’t really even ‘know’ God, but I can trust God and I can love God – as mysterious as he is.

Maybe I’ve got it all wrong, but I can’t live with that kind of spirituality…so, that is one book that I won’t finish or re-read.   It’s just not that simple….