First, for anyone who might think that this is an environmental post – sorry to disappoint…..

Several years ago Kermit the Frog sang a song titled, ‘It’s not easy being green’.  I can sympathize – sometimes it’s not easy being ‘me’.  I don’t think that I am a control ‘freak’ but I do like things in order, done well, and in control.  After a rehearsal with 75 second graders last night, and their parents…..AAAAAH!

I came home and wondered, am I getting too old for this???

Whenever we face a stressful situation, one where we feel out of our comfort zones, where things aren’t ‘perfect’ (boy, I hate admitting this about myself…), we can do two things:

have a glass of wine


ask….what can I learn from this?

(or perhaps both!!!)

Second graders have spirit and energy that I can only dream of, so, instead of wallowing in my angst, I can sit back, watch, enjoy and learn…