“It’s not easy being green”

8 thoughts on ““It’s not easy being green””

  1. I like things ordered and in control too. Things get better accomplished that way. I have a feeling those parents and students depended on you at that rehearsal to keep the parameters set as they had fun with their production, no?

  2. 75 second graders and their parents. That thought is enough to make me laugh (sorry, Andie), because there were 19 second graders (well, one fourth grader as well) and their parents at my grandson’s First Communion, and that was already quite a feat to organize them.
    Now, interestingly, my fourth grade grandson found it much easier to focus than his younger counterparts…
    One mother wanted the whole show to be perfect, which did irritate my son-in-law…
    I have no answer, Andie. I have just found this Lent (and this seems to be quite an important passage in retrospect), that I have no control over my life (maybe because I’m going to turn 65 this year). At first, it was scary, now it is thoroughly liberating. I do identify with the Gospel passage where Jesus tells Peter that some day he will be led by his belt…
    Congratulations for all the great work you must be doing!

  3. Performance anxiety is awful and because you are so creative it isn’t easy to let go, especially in a professional situation.
    I just hope you take time out , proper time out (!) Andie to loose yourself and do something that does not involve one whit of analysis.


    1. Hi Phil,

      It is so kind of you to be in touch – I’m just swamped at work, son coming home from college tonight….etc. And, feeling a little ‘dry’ with reflections. What I really miss is getting behind on reading blogs, such as yours, that feed me! Back in the swing of things really soon! Thanks for your concern….

      But, I must say, it is tempting to really ‘lose oneself’

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