News reports are claiming ‘justice has been served’.  The word justice means ‘the exercise of authority in vindication of right  by assigning reward or punishment’, and this definition is over 860 years old (Language Study by Suite 101).   We have a clear sense of right and wrong and in order to keep peace and security in society we must have a system that rewards or punishes.  We cannot and should not let criminals roam free.

But we must also look to the Bible and see that God says that ‘My ways are not your ways and my thoughts are not your thoughts’.  We cannot even begin to understand or predict the ways of God.  Throughout the Gospels we are warned against judging others.  Only God can judge because only God can read hearts.

Today we should pray for peace in our world.  We should pray for God’s wisdom and guidance.  We should pray for all those who have to make difficult life and death decisions and for those who are fighting to preserve peace and human rights.  Is this a day to celebrate?  I can’t answer that.  It is, however,  a sober reminder that we live in an imperfect, fallen world.  We pray for a softening of hearts, hearts to be opened to the greatest Commandment of all…..Love…..Love your neighbor, love yourself.