Wisdom, where are you hiding?

The seat of knowledge is in the
head, of wisdom,
in the heart.

William Hazlitt

The difference between knowledge and wisdom is clear and according to Hazlitt, it’s seat resides in different locations.  Not all that difficult to believe or understand when you think about it.  Knowledge comes from the study of books, wisdom comes from the study of life.

Wisdom can be found in the most surprising packages.  Wisdom is found in the old and the young, the scholars and the simple, the joy-filled and the sorrow-filled. 

Watch for wisdom today…..search for wisdom….listen for wisdom.  Open yourself to the Source of all Wisdom.  Open your heart to receive the Gift of Wisdom.  She will quietly come to you and make a home in your heart.

5 thoughts on “Wisdom, where are you hiding?

  1. Hi Andie,

    The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Knowledge of the holy one is understanding. I heard that wisdom is applying knowledge to life’s situations. Having knowledge is one thing, but applying it to your circumstances is quite another.


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