Where do I get a hat like that?

5 thoughts on “Where do I get a hat like that?”

  1. Seeing all those hats reminds me of when I was a child, and all the women and girls had to wear some sort of hat whenever in church. There’s definitely a respectful formality in it.

  2. What a profound post Andie! As I read the first few parts, I was saying to myself, “I can’t believe people actually wore some of those hats I saw”! By the end, I was saying “I cant believe they crowned our Savior with thorns”

    God Bless you. Have a “royal” weekend!

  3. Weren’t those hats amazing? But nowhere near as amazing as the crown of the thorns our Lord was willing to wear and the suffering he was willing to bear for our sakes. Blessings to you!

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