Time to ‘Walk the Walk’

Ellie at http://doesnotwisdomcall.blogspot.com/ posted this quote:

In many respects I find an unresurrected Jesus easier to accept. Easter makes him dangerous. Because of Easter I have to listen to his extravagant claims and can no longer pick and choose from his sayings. Moreover, Easter means he must be loose out there somewhere.


Wow, this makes it all real, doesn’t it?  Because of the resurrection he is more than a wise man.  Because of the resurrection I have to take him and his commands seriously.  Because of the resurrection I have to look for him in others and in myself.  Because of the resurrection I can believe his promises.  Because of the resurrection I am free.

“Andie, do you love me? Andie, do you love me?  Andie, do you love me?”

Feed my sheep…..

I can ‘Talk the Talk’, but because of the resurrection, I must ‘Walk the Walk’.

5 thoughts on “Time to ‘Walk the Walk’

  1. As a writer, I often wonder if my words are just words… I try hard to live my life as an example to others.

    Great thoughts; you always make me think.

  2. Agreed Andy – have just put on my blog about the danger of allowing Jesus out of the tomb, God out of the box. But really, he should be free so that we can be too – still, a scary thought at time.
    every blessing

  3. Wow! is right. What a great quote. It pairs nicely with this one, I think, from Margaret Silf, “God has escaped from the sanctuary. And if God gets loose, then we might find God everywhere.” Happy Easter season!

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