Where did you meet Him this Easter?

I’m sure that we all had a moment or two, or for many, perhaps even longer, when we met Jesus this Easter.  Was he in the music that played the glorious hymns of allelulia and resurrection?  Was he in the words spoken in your church?  Maybe you met Jesus in a family member or a friend who you shared some special time with, or you could have met Him through a card or email that you received.

I met Jesus this Easter in the check out woman at our grocery store.  Jean is someone who is always smiling, and who always offers a kind word or two of joy, encouragement or support.  She was working at 7:00 am on Good Friday.  I was a little surprised because I know that Jean sings in our choir and I was wondering if she was going to miss our 3:00 service.  As I walked by, I waved and she said, “Happy Easter!”  I commented on how beautiful the choir sounded on Holy Thursday and then asked her if she would be there later.  She said, ‘yes, I finish here at 2 and then go straight over to church’.  I remember thinking how exhausted she would be, but my thoughts were interrupted when she then said, ‘we all do what we love, don’t we?’

I wouldn’t have guessed that Jean would be a check out lady at a supermarket, but I know that several years ago her husband was out of work and Jean was working full-time at a school.  And then, the tragedy happened.  Jean is the mother of four boys and her oldest son, who worked as a lifeguard for summers while he went to school,  was  vacationing in Ocean City Maryland.  He dove into what he thought was deep water, but it was a sandbar and is now a quadriplegic.  He’s a wonderful young man, but he’s certainly not living the life that he had planned.  He’s home with his parents who have sacrificed and loved him every minute of every day.

I have never seen Jean without a smile on her face or a kind work on her lips.  She never complains, even though she has much to complain about.  Jean is an inspiration, she is blessed, and she emminates the Spirit in her being.  Her face has aged these past few years and her hair has grayed a bit, but her kind eyes and smile are eternal.

I will remember this exchange for a long time.  I met Jesus this Easter at the grocery store.

5 thoughts on “Where did you meet Him this Easter?

    1. Beautiful Kris and congratulations! I prayed for you at our Easter Vigil…as we celebrated with those being welcomed into our ‘Family’.

  1. I met Jesus in the nursing home. Barb is my best friend from church and now a resident at the nursing home. On Easter Day, I picked her up and took her to church with me. Then we had breakfast at her favorite restaurant–I told her it was my treat.

    She was so happy, and I was too–and very grateful because after two months, Barb has recovered well and tomorrow she is moving back to the community, into an apartment. It’s a miracle, as she was almost dying when she came to the nursing home. The doctors had actually recommended Hospice, and she was to be at the nursing home for long-term care. Her family got rid of her apartment, and all her furniture and belongings were sold–everything, except what she brought to the facility.

    I see Jesus in her beautiful smile, and in the joy of feeling healed and successfully recovered. God is wonderful.

    I need to write a story about Barb 🙂

    Great post, Andie.


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