Where did you meet Him this Easter?

5 thoughts on “Where did you meet Him this Easter?”

    1. Beautiful Kris and congratulations! I prayed for you at our Easter Vigil…as we celebrated with those being welcomed into our ‘Family’.

  1. I met Jesus in the nursing home. Barb is my best friend from church and now a resident at the nursing home. On Easter Day, I picked her up and took her to church with me. Then we had breakfast at her favorite restaurant–I told her it was my treat.

    She was so happy, and I was too–and very grateful because after two months, Barb has recovered well and tomorrow she is moving back to the community, into an apartment. It’s a miracle, as she was almost dying when she came to the nursing home. The doctors had actually recommended Hospice, and she was to be at the nursing home for long-term care. Her family got rid of her apartment, and all her furniture and belongings were sold–everything, except what she brought to the facility.

    I see Jesus in her beautiful smile, and in the joy of feeling healed and successfully recovered. God is wonderful.

    I need to write a story about Barb 🙂

    Great post, Andie.


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