Things I’ve never done

I’ve never ridden on the back of a donkey with my friends and fans around me, singing my praises, shouting accolades, but I have shared some glorious times with family and friends, so for that I say ‘thank you’.

I’ve never had anyone wash my feet, but I have had people help me during illnesses, minister to me after surgery, so for that I am humbled.

I’ve never prayed through the night with such intensity that I sweat blood, but I have prayed for many hours with sobs and tears, so for that, I’ve felt all alone.

My life has never been sold for a few silver pieces, but I have been betrayed by a friend, so for that I’ve felt devastated.

I’ve never been beaten, spit at, crowned with thorns, but I have been hurt, physically and emotionally, and for that I bleed.

I’ve never been crucified, but I have sinned, and for that I’ve felt distanced from my God.

But……I do know Someone whose life was sold for silver and who was tortured and crucified, and because of that…..I know LOVE.

11 thoughts on “Things I’ve never done

  1. Powerful!
    Sometimes I take this gift for granted, the sacrifice…and have so many questions, wishing Jesus didn’t have to suffer, or anyone else.
    But I trust God and realize the greatness of His Love.

    I also really like the format of this post.
    Very creative idea.

  2. Beautifully written and so true…..Each year at this time, I am speechless when I think of what Jesus did for us all…..Thank you for this

  3. Oh, so beautiful! Both your words and His love! And because He suffered beyond imagination, He understands each tear and pain and hurt that we experience.

    Have a joy-filled Easter!

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