Each day is filled with choices, some miniscule, some life-changing.  Some, we aren’t even aware of, some overwhelming and paralyzing. 

Our choices determine our path, our actions and even our moods.  Our choices even affect others.  Do we even realize the power of choice?

Some people continually make choices that hurt themselves or others.  They get trapped in the cycle of bad choices.  And, there are others who choose self-lessly and spend their time, energy and resources to help people, to build up.

Most of our daily choices don’t have long term effects.  Choosing what to wear or what to have for dinner probably won’t make too much of an impact on the world, but there are daily choices that can make a difference.  Choosing to be kind, helpful, optomistic, available, and grateful not only impact me in a positive way but they also have an effect on those around me.  These choices can be contagious….

Maybe our daily choices can have long term effects….maybe they can change the world.

4 thoughts on “Choices

  1. You’re right! So many of us, myself included, become lost in little details and decisions that don’t really matter. We shouldn’t try too hard with these small things, and instead spend more time with the bigger things, like being kind to others and living out our love for God.

  2. I’m a firm believer in the power of choices. We have a choice each day to choose a perspective through which we look at the day ahead, with its decisions, activities, obstacles. It’s amazing how a positive perspective makes a day so much lighter and pleasant.

  3. “Choosing to be kind, helpful, optomistic, available, and grateful not only impact me in a positive way but they also have an effect on those around me.” My friend and i were just talking about this topic. I said, “If you don’t think one person can make a difference, just work in an office where there is one “toxic” person. She is dealing with this now, and it is…..well, to use her words, when this “certain” person leaves for the day, everyone takes a deep breath.”

    Yes, our choices make a huge impact on ourselves and others! Thank you. Lori

  4. Yes, Andie, I do believe choices, small or big, can change the world. Maybe this is why I like so much this saying of Abba Benjamin, I think: “Be joyful at all times, pray without ceasing, and give thanks for all things.” All this involves a conscious choice of being positive and open even in the face of life’s unpleasantness…
    Thank you for such a lovely and important post!

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