What was He thinking?

I wonder what Jesus must have been thinking as he made his entry back to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday?  We read that it was a Triumphal Entry with people spreading their cloaks and palms in the road and Jesus riding on the back of a donkey listening to the crowd shouting chants of praise.  It seems a bit out of character to think that he was enjoying the accolades, especially since he knew what was awaiting him in just a few short days. What was going through his mind?

Was he looking at these people thinking, ‘ya sure, where will you be on Friday?’  or ‘everyone always loves a party but when things get rough…’

Was he thinking, ‘if only you really understood who I am and what I am willing to do for you’ or ‘I will show you my greatest miracle yet, the miracle of my love for you’.

Was he thinking, ‘I must enjoy this moment because my days of celebration on this earth are quickly coming to an end’ or ‘let me live in this moment of joy because the week will end in great sorrow’.

Was he thinking, ‘What will happen to these sheep once the Shepherd is gone?’ or ‘you are my loved ones, know that I am with you even though you may not see me anymore’.

It is so very difficult to get inside the mind of Jesus.  In retrospect he still surprises us with his answers, challenges and actions, imagine what it would have been like to live at that time?  He is unpredictable, not afraid to question authority, and risky…his behavior is so risky…

Even today, we cannot understand the ‘whys’ of his decisions.  And yet…of this we can be sure…his love for us, each of us, is unending, unconditional, total and true.  He proved that 2000+ years ago, he still proves it today. 

We ask, what was He thinking….we still ask, what is He thinking?

6 thoughts on “What was He thinking?

  1. To be honest, I hope that he enjoyed every moment of his triumphant entrance into Jerusalem. For in the moment, he was one with the crowds that adulated him, the same crowds we will be part of when we are finally all together — at last.


  2. I think He was able to live totally in the moment on that Palm Sunday, and yet it must have been bittersweet for him knowing what would happen……maybe He was already looking ahead to that future time when we would all be together in His kingdom. Jesus just confounds us…no one could figure Him out then and we can’t figure Him out either. But we know He loves us so much! Lori

  3. This post really hit home with me. I am currently trying not to analyze every little thing God does. I need to stop worrying about every little details of His path for my life and enjoy the ride!

  4. I can’t imagine Him thinking anything else but:

    ‘What will happen to these sheep once the Shepherd is gone?’ or ‘you are my loved ones, know that I am with you even though you may not see me anymore’.

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